Noah Wall Called A Bunch of His Cool Friends and Asked What They Did or Do Call Their Grandparents And Made An Entire EP

Today is officially National Grandparent's Day. In honor of this special today, not only do we urge you to visit, call or think about your father's father or mother's mother – we also urge you to listen to Noah Wall's amazing new EP. With the simple question: ‘”What did (or do) you call your grandparents?” – Wall encouraged 100 of his friends to send in their answers. With those replies, he created an amazing EP and a subsequent short animated film with 217 spoken grandparent names. Wall, who has been known for embedding himself as an audio spy in a Guitar Center and creating a series of Good Morning Instagram videos, described the project: "This pot of Nanas, Papas, Opas, Gidos, Booboos, Gagas, Gogis, and Yeahyeahs was starting to resemble some sort of psychedelic Rosetta Stone lesson." You can click here to listen to the full EP and download the album.