Katherine Bernhardt "Pablo and Efrain" @ Venus Over Manhattan in New York

Venus Over Manhattan presents Pablo and Efrain, an exhibition of new work by painter Katherine Bernhardt, on view beginning September 9, 2015. The exhibition’s title is a nod to the twin artists behind the collective Poncili Creacion, whom the artist met during a recent residency in Puerto Rico. “It’s all about Puerto Rico, so it’s fruit, sharks, water, sea turtles, all tropical,” notes Bernhardt. For Pablo and Efrain, Bernhardt depicts items both specific to the lush landscape of Puerto Rico and her personal affinity for novel and mundane commodities, such as cigarettes, headphones, sharpies and keyboards. Katherine Bernhardt "Pablo and Efrain" will be on view at Venus Over Manhattan until October 24, 2015. Read our review of this exhibition here. photographs by Adam Lehrer.