Premier of Autre Ne Veut's Video for The Track “Age of Transparency” Off Upcoming Album

Since announcing his new album, Age of Transparency, this past August, Autre Ne Veut has shared a video for "World War Pt.2,” a jazz version of that single, the single “Panic Room” and its accompanying video, featuring Ashin singing acapella. Today, in a special collaboration with Yours Truly and Wetransfer, Arthur Ashin of Autre Ne Veut shares a music video  for the titular single, Age of Transparency, as the final tastes of the album before its release next week (on Downtown). Director Allie Avital, who is responsible for both of the album’s previous videos, claims Age of Transparency’s cover art as her inspiration. She explains; “I caught one of the marble figures eating Thai noodles during lunch and was really moved by how beautiful and somewhat sad that image was. Over the course of the last few months, we [Avital & Ashin] developed this mythology of a dystopian office where the businesspeople have turned to marble, and this mischievous Puck-like character plays amongst them.” Click here to preorder the album.