Betty Tompkins "REAL ERSATZ" @ FUG (Foundation University Gallery)

BHQFU, New York’s freest art school, presents REAL ERSATZ, an exhibition by Betty Tompkins and her first New York solo show since 2009. In her new body of work Tompkins plays with the idea of the real, the fake and the area in-between. Using both digital prints and paintings of the same image she explores the interaction that these different mediums have with each other. The exhibition will open a conversation between photorealism and technology as well as the experience of medium, scale and color in contemporary art. Recognized for her exploration into sexuality and her controversial ‘Fuck’ paintings of the 1970s, this exhibition marks a new direction in Tompkins work whilst celebrating her as a transgressive icon. Real Ersatz will be on view until October 18, 2015 at FUG, 431 E 6th St, BSMT, New York, NY. photographs by Tenlie Mourning