Molly Soda "From my Bedroom to Yours" @ Annka Kultys Gallery In London

Annka Kultys Gallery presents From My Bedroom to Yours, Molly Soda’s first solo exhibition outside her native United States. The show features twenty recent works by the Detroit-based digital artist realised across a variety of digital platforms, including videos, gifs and NewHive. Born in 1989 and currently 26, Soda explains her work is about girls and for girls in their bedrooms, and takes the private behaviors inherent to those spaces and makes them public, reflecting how that process changes the way in which those behaviors are seen and contextualized. As a result, her images are raw, rejecting conventional beauty norms, whilst still maintaining a tween-Tumblr aesthetic and employing kitsch elements and lowbrow internet culture. From My Bedroom to Yours will be on view until January 16, 2016 at Annka Kultys Gallery, 472 Hackney Road, Unit 3, 1st Floor, London