Billy Al Bengston's Motorcycle Paintings Exhibition @ Venus Over Manhattan in New York

Venus Over Manhattan gallery is exhibiting both old and new works by legendary L.A. artist Billy Al Bengston. The show features 12 paintings from the “B.S.A Motorcycle” series from the 60s, where various motorcycle parts are isolated and presented on the canvas against abstract backgrounds. These paintings made Bengston a voice to be reckoned with in the Pop Art movement and appeared in the 1974 American Pop Art exhibition at the Whitney. Also included in the exhibition is the original motorcycle that inspired the series. Bengston’s new works that are on display feature his signature Chrevron motif in piercing blue tones. In true Pop Art manner, he originally painted the Chevron logo with lacquered spray paints, being one of the first artists to trade in the traditional oil on canvas back in the 60s. In his new pieces, however, Bengston comes full circle by using acrylic on canvas and leaving the glossy Pop Art behind for a softer finish.  The exhibition will be on view until November 2, 2016 at Venus Over Manhattan in New York. text and photographs by Helena Calmfors