A Glimpse Of Bogotá On The Eve Of Colombia's Peace Treaty With The FARC Rebel Army

Colombia just signed an historic peace deal with the FARC rebel army after 50 years of conflict. At the same time, Trump is elected President of the United States. Where one conflict ends, another is just burgeoning. During the International Art Fair of Bogota, ARTBO, artist and photographer Mattea Perrotta captured the city in this transitory stage, which proves that even the end of war can look nauseously like peace.  Perrotta describes the energy in poetic strokes: "Su Merced: Kaleidoscope of anxiety, hope fear rage, gravitational waves, a similar rhythm, home and abroad, but a different beat, guerrilla FARC, Donald Trump, at war for 52 years, at war for seven days, juemadre juemadre juemadre, bastard! A peace accord seeking to be met, whisper your longing, in persistence tranquillo." photographs by Mattea Perrotta