Nan Goldin "Blood On My Hands" @ Matthew Marks Gallery In New York

Matthew Marks presents Nan Goldin "Blood On My Hands." It is the first public exhibition of Goldin’s drawings, and it includes five new large-scale “grids” of multiple photographs composed in a single frame. Goldin has kept a diary since childhood, often filling the pages with drawings. Recently those drawings have taken on a new life as independent works of art. Emerging from her regular practice of daily reflection, they share the charged emotional atmosphere of her photographs, but their symbolic imagery, handwritten texts, and complex surfaces, made with a variety of mediums, introduce an expressive element that is new to her work. Goldin selects the photographs for her grids according to formal or psychological themes. For the new grids, the unifying element is color: pink, blue, gold, red, or black. Nan Goldin "Blood On My Hands" will be on view until December 23, 2016 @ Matthew Marks Gallery in New York. photographs by Adam Lehrer