Iggy Pop Life Class by Jeremy Deller Opens Today @ The Brooklyn Museum in New York

In Iggy Pop Life Class, Turner Prize–winning artist Jeremy Deller used the traditional life drawing class to stage a performative event with Iggy Pop as model and subject. The exhibition, opening today at Brooklyn Museum, presents the resulting drawings along with works from historical collections, chosen by Deller, that depict the male body, examining shifting representations of masculinity throughout history. The fifty-three drawings included in the exhibition were created on February 21, 2016, during a one-day life drawing class, using Pop as the unexpected model. The class was held at the New York Academy of Art and included twenty-two artists drawn from New York City’s diverse communities, ranging in age from 19 to 80, with varying backgrounds and levels of education and experience. The class was led by artist and drawing professor Michael Grimaldi. Jeremy Deller "Iggy Pop Life Class" will be on view from November 4, 2016 to March 26, 2017 at Brooklyn Museum in New York. photograph by Elena Olivo