Last Chance to Catch Christian Eckhart "Post-Post" @ Wilding Cran Gallery In Los Angeles

Wilding Cran Gallery is presents Post-Post, a solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed, Houston based artist Christian Eckart. Featuring new works, the exhibition explores Eckart’s philosophical inquiry and interrogation of the concept of “Art” articulated in the form of painting/sculpture hybrids. A highlight of the exhibition is The Absurd Vehicle, which was produced over a five year period from 2006-2011. Considered to be one of Eckart’s seminal and summary objects, he regards The Absurd Vehicle as a painting with an identity crisis, extending from the tradition of the Northern Romantic Sublime. He sees the work as a painting that decided to become a sculpture, then a hot-rod, then a space vehicle, then a time machine and finally resolving itself, seemingly, as an oracle. The title, The Absurd Vehicle, references the motivations, aspirations and perhaps implausibility for paintings to be used as mechanisms of and for transcendence. Christian Eckhart "Post-Post" will be on view until April 2, 2016 at Wilding Cran Gallery, 939 South Santa Fe Avenue Los Angeles CA