Moon Ribas "Waiting For Earthquakes" @ The Chimney In New York

Last night the Catalan artist Moon Ribas performed Waiting for Earthquakes at the Chimney NYC in Bushwick. The one-night performance curated by Adriana Pauly was held in front of the backdrop of Kiran Chandra’s video installation Mother of Intentions. Ribas whose practice investigates the intersectionality of nature, technology and humanity, moved behind the thin curtains of Chandra’s exhibition. The hanging curtains and dancing shadows of the opposing projections mimic the shadow play of Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave, further underlined by the invisible power that determined Ribas’ movements. Ribas physically experiences the vibrations of earthquakes around the world in real time through a sensor implanted in her elbow, giving her an additional sense she calls the seismic sense. She becomes further removed from humanity than the prisoners of Plato’s cave yet more connected to the earth its powerful interplay. photographs by Andres Burgos