Richard Prince "The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh Collection (1977-1988)" @ Edward Cella Art & Architecture In Los Angeles

Edward Cella Art & Architecture presents a rare collection of artworks, ephemera, and personal correspondence by artist Richard Prince. This private collection was assembled by New York writer and producer Douglas Blair Turnbaugh. The archive dates to the artist's earliest and most formative years (1977-1988) and offers an intimate glimpse into the unique relationship and confidential rapport shared by this influential artist and his devoted early patron. In Turnbaugh's own words: "Some of the pieces in this collection may at first glance be seen merely as common objects. But Richard is a master prankster, provocateur, poet, alchemist, prestidigitator — he can transform a material object, without altering its physicality, into an idea, into art, into an icon." Richard Prince: The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh Collection (1977-1988) features notable highlights from the collection, offering visitors a museum-like experience. Richard Prince "The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh Collection (1977-1988)" will be on view until July 16, 2016 at Edward Cella Art & Architecture, 2754 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles