Deanna Templeton "What She Said" @ Little Big Man Gallery In Los Angeles

Little Big Man Gallery presents What She Said, a solo exhibition of work by photographer Deanna Templeton. The show will feature a collection of portraits of women that Templeton has taken over the last 15 years and pairs the photographs with excerpts from her teenage journal entries from the mid to late 1980’s. The body of work formed naturally as many of her series do. Templeton had been shooting in the streets for years, both candidly and asking for portraits with no particular grand scheme. Over the last five years she came to realize that many of the women that she was approaching for portraits had something in common. They were a reflection of her when she was their age or they were symbolic of who she wanted to be at that age. Templeton was drawn to these women for a reason. Deanna Templeton "What She Said" will be on view until July 31 at Little Big Man Gallery in Los Angeles. Click here to read our interview with Deanna Templeton. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper.