Watch "Move On" A Fashion Film Featuring Claire Barrow's AW 2016 Collection

Fashion designer Claire Barrow and photographer Eloise Parry have been friends and collaborators since they attended the University of Westminster to study fashion. Though they moved in different creative directions (Claire to design, Parry to photography) the women have cultivated a fascinating visual aesthetic in Barrow's campaign ads. Parry, who was drawn to Barrow's style defined by black drainpipe jeans and Slayer patches, understands the values, beliefs, and ideas that Barrow filters into her clothing, allowing for a synchronicity that is difficult to find within the confines of high fashion. Parry has shot a film to promote Barrow's recently available FW 2016 collection. Entitled 'Move On,' the video finds a room full of female and male-dressed-up-as-female unknown models in a room, scowling and looking disaffected, dressed head to toe in Claire Barrow. Styled by Haley Wollens, who is known for a gender blurring aesthetic through campaigns with Martine Rose for dis Magazine and Blood Orange's Champagne Coast Music Video, the campaign video purposefully downplays background settings and narrow notions of gender identity. 'Move On' focuses solely on the quality that defines the essence of the Claire Barrow brand: attitude. Text by Adam Lehrer Click here to read our interview of Claire Barrow.