Sandy Kim "Analog Brain" @ Little Big Man Gallery

Captured within and around Los Angeles, Sandy Kim’s series is a reflection of her creative and non-binary photographic practice. Produced entirely without digital intervention, her work embraces the messy imperfection, the ‘mistake' and the aberration. Born in Monterey, California, Kim’s childhood and adolescence was marked by constant movement up and down the West Coast, and upon graduation Kim continued her itinerant movement to New York and back. Analog Brain, while collected in a single region, reflects the restless diaristic representation of Kim’s life, community and environments. Comprised of portraits, landscapes and illuminated end frames of 35mm film, her imagery’s diversity is connected by an analog intuition missing in an all-connected digital society. On display is an in-situ recreation of Kim’s studio, whereby visitors are encouraged to explore Kim’s archives. Her desktop is on display, completely unlocked, and further drawing connection to Kim’s imagery and its diaristic impulse to expose her internal ambition and aspirations. Sandy Kim "Analog Brain" will be on view until February 11, 2017 at Little Big Man Gallery in Los Angeles. photographs by Mike Krim