Holton Rower "Cutaways" @ Venus LA In Los Angeles

Venus Los Angeles presents Cutaways, an exhibition of new work by Holton Rower. The show, comprised of sculptures and wall-based works, will be on view from January 14th through February 24th, 2017. Cutaways marks Rower’s debut exhibition in Los Angeles. Rower’s work has long been concerned with notions of accumulation and sequencing. With this most recent body of work, he begins his process by designing a rigorous order and color scheme for the paint, which he applies layer upon layer onto a base. After the paint has built up considerable mass, Rower carves networks of intuitively placed marks into the material. These violent cuts reveal the nearly geological strata of his layered paint, which create intricate optical patterns that impart perceptibly changing frequencies to the viewer. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper