Autre Rewind: Read Our Interview Of The Haas Brothers On The Occasion Of Their Collaboration With Barneys New York


In partnership with creative director Matthew Mazzucca and Barneys’ team, the Haas Brothers created an imaginative universe that offers an interpretation of the Earth through the ages, with some of the Haas’ recurring characters coexisting across eras ranging from the planet’s beginning to the far distant future. Through animation and sculpture, four of these epochs will be depicted in Barneys’ Madison Avenue window displays, illustrating four phases of time: Primordial, Utopia, Millennium, and a vision of the future that’s been titled Mushroom Singularity. Each will see appearances by Haas characters like Rainbow Baggins—a rainbow-striped zebra—Rhinona Wyder, and more. The Madison Avenue windows, as well as interpretations at flagship locations across the country. Click here to read our 2015 interview of the Haas Brothers.