Morgan Mandalay's 'Holy Holy Holy' @ Catbox Contemporary In New York

Holy Holy Holy is an exhibition of new work by Morgan Mandalay. Using the “Book of Tobit” (a Catholic story centering around the exorcising of demons) as a starting point, Mandalay generates a  visual narrative about class, populism, and agency through the lens of 18th century painting. The walls of the gallery are painted a pale pink, meant to reference the Timken Museum of Art, a small museum in San Diego Mandalay used to frequent because of its free entry for the public and prominent collection of Rococo paintings. Here he uses the sentimentality of the setting to help conjure the anarchistic energy latent in painting’s history.

Catbox Contemporary is an appointment-only art gallery housed in the Ridgemont apartment of artist/founder, Philip Hinge. Occupying two catboxes within Hinge’s cat tree, the space allows artists to display full solo exhibitions at miniature scale and sell small works at affordable prices. Holy Holy Holy is on view through October 14, make your appointment now by DMing @CatboxContemporary. photographs courtesy of Catbox Contemporary