Opening Of Will Boone's Garage @ David Kordansky Gallery In Los Angeles

Will Boone draws inspiration from a breadth of cultural and subcultural sources. These include movies, music (especially the ethos and ephemera of punk), industrial manufacturing, conspiracy theories, and the bar and cattle ranching iconographies of Houston and South Texas. But Boone’s is not merely an appropriation-based project designed to lay bare sociological phenomena. Rather, he uses these elements to unearth latent archetypes in the American psyche, producing pictures and objects imbued with totemic energy. Garages, for instance, often serve the houses to which they are attached as “subconscious” spaces, depositories for excess possessions and sites where messy activities–like fixing cars or making art–take place. Garage, is the first solo exhibition Will Boone has presented at David Kordansky GalleryThe exhibition will be on view through July 7, 2018 at David Kordansky Gallery 5130 W. Edgewood Place Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Kupper