Sylvie Fleury "The Last Picasso Car" @ Grand Basel in Switzerland


Artist Sylvie Fleury explores consumer culture in her work, and its relation towards gender and politics. American cars are also a passion for her and are often an important topic in her video works and installations. "I was thrilled by the chance to present Pablo Picasso’s last personal car in my frame at Grand Basel," said Sylvie Fleury. "His white Lincoln Continental, a huge, powerful machine, shows an interface between art and design. Picasso was a true car connoisseur, and this 1963 car is still owned by his family. I parked the car in my frame like it was a sculpture, and the masculine design is played off against my two-metre tall chromed shark tooth artwork, which harks back to a time when it was fashionable for women to wear a real shark tooth as a necklace pendant. The Last Picasso Car is on view through September 9 at Grand Basel Kemptpark 1 Gebäude 1235 / 3. OG 8310 Kemptthal, Switzerland.