Dilexi Gallery: Seeking the Unknown @ Parker Gallery In Los Angeles

Dilexi Gallery: Seeking the Unknown is one of six exhibitions in a multi-venue retrospective honoring the pioneering San Francisco-based gallery led by Jim Newman. The Dilexi Gallery (1958-1969) was renowned for championing a diverse stable of artists, many of whom— through autonomous strains—presented their own cosmologies replete with systems of individuation. These strategies provided a modern allegory for ancient forms of magic. Revitalizing the notion that the artist has a proto-shamanic role, their work culled the latent powers of alchemy, Kabbalah, totemic thought, and hermetic diagrams, often convening with the unknown. The exhibition features work from Jeremy Anderson, Wallace Berman, Roy De Forest, Wally Hedrick, Alfred Jensen, Jess, Kurt Schwitters, H.C. Westermann and Franklin Williams. Dilexi Gallery: Seeking the Unknown is on view through August 10 at Parker Gallery 2441 Glendower Ave, Los Angeles. photographs courtesy of Parker Gallery