Dan Colen 'Viscera' Opening at Venus Over Los Angeles

Venus Over Los Angeles presents Viscera, an exhibition of three new bodies of work by Dan Colen in the gallery's incredible new location in Downtown L.A.'s arts district. Each element in Viscera elicits questions about the behavior of physical forms as they come into contact with metaphysical experience. An exhibition highlight, "Canopics" is a series of sculptures cast from the negative space formed by roadside guardrails mangled in automobile accidents. The series title refers to basins used in ancient Egyptian burial ceremonies to contain the viscera, or vital organs, of the dead. As with Colen’s "Miracle" series, "Rainbow Paintings" are based on stills from Fantasia (1940), which the artist sees as Disney’s most abstract film, whose vignettes “address the many guises of creation itself.” There is also a unique sound element Psychics (Interstellar Medium?, which is comprised of a series of recorded psychic readings, documented over a ten-month period beginning in the summer of 2014. Viscera will be on view until June 27th, 2015 at Venus Over Los Angeles, 601 South Anderson Street, Los Angeles, CA.