In Our Very First Text Interview, We Chat With Instagram Lolita and Exhibitionist Sarah Machan

Instagram has its fair share of weirdoes, but there also a lot of wonderfully creative people who are discovering that the platform is a great way to express themselves. Sarah Machan (@Sentient_Meat) fits in the latter category – she may be a weirdo, but there is distinct intention behind her machinations on the social media photo-sharing site. She is young and may not know that she is creating a form of digital performance art, but with her blonde hair, seductive glances and strangely literary captions, she comes off as a tempting Lolita that may or may not murder you in her Toronto apartment. The following is a transcript of our text interview with Sarah who was kind enough to offer us a little insight into her beautifully creepy world. Click here to read the interview and see highlights from her Instagram account.