'Russian Doll' Group Exhibition Opening @ M+B Gallery In Los Angeles

Russian Doll, a group exhibition that is on view now at M+B Gallery, presents a broad view of contemporary art strategies, using the conceit of nesting dolls to explore how others' ideas are transmuted into one's own work. Rather than attempting to draw direct relationships between practices, the show deals in variations and multitudes, in the unexpected connections and overlaps found in the work of M+B artists and the artists they have each invited to participate. From video animations that question the indexical nature of photography, to sculptures that navigate the shifting relationship between form and image; in photographs that investigate subjectivity and visual pleasure, and paintings where the mark is translated through multiple processes, the show explores the various approaches and commonalities that can arise in current practices and in relation to art historical precedents. Russian Doll offers the opportunity to consider generative possibilities - of the way in which relationships between artists can allow for an embeddedness of works within works. Artists in the exhibition include Roe Ethridge, Anthony Lepore, Alex Prager, Hannah Whitaker, Jon Rafman and more. 'Russian Doll' will be on view until August 20, 2015 at M+B, 612 North Almont Drive, Los Angeles, California