Watch The Premiere Of The Music Video For 4thSex's Track "Downtown L.A. (DTLA)"

4THSEX is the brainchild of French, LA-based producer, Jean Marc Viraud. For a decade, the multifaceted artist has been working intensively and actively in the Los Angeles underground creative scene. 4THSEX pays homage to the way that adolescent minds reinvent themselves and the world. Playing with themes based off first-hand experiences in rave, bass, gabber, banlieues (French suburbs), subcultures of Europe, 4THSEX presents alternatives to overthought insincere cultural tourism in music. The 4THSEX sound is as futuristic as it is vintage, its aesthetics give form and color to all the contradictions and ambiguities of the underground and its ever evolving identity. Click here purchase 4thSex's new EP Youth Detention.