Imperial Teen with Sara Cummings and Kris Kidd: Outtakes by Bil Brown

Typically a fashion photographer is very limited in what they can push out of a shoot, even editorial which tends to scream ADVERTORIAL because of the influences of fashion stylists, fashion editors, editors, and advertising execs. No fashion shoot is purely an "art experience". But as Yves Saint Laurent once said, "Fashion, though not a true art needs artists to survive." Thus I thought, what If I didn't care about the showrooms, the stylists, or seeing a "total look" and just concerned myself with the choices I would make on a shoot? How would that influence the way I would choose the story and art of the shoot itself? Thus, here is the Photographer's Cut of a shoot that I not only shot, but published with fashion director Mynxii White and Stylist Lisa Bae. Except this time, there will be no mention of the fashions. None. Some of the photos are almost behind the scenes, completely unexpected and unregulated. The models in some cases weren't able to pose while in others they were more intense and tired than they needed to be. Some shots are almost macro, close up, unexplained. But there is a mood, a vision. Something is happening that has maybe somewhere happened before. And really... that is what photography should be. Timeless, endless, and never ever able to be seen as "just for that season." Let the work stand on it's own with only the history of photography to judge. photographs and text by Bil Brown, who is also the editor-in-chief of Black and Grey Magazine.