Valentin Carron Presents "Sing Loud And Walk Fast" @ 303 Gallery In New York

For all its promise of liberation from the gilded structures of exaltation surrounding the objet d'art, the readymade has become deflated by its own pressure. Found objects, assemblage and appropriation have been cunningly adopted and integrated into the mechanisms of taste, robbed of their subversive function and aestheticized into a polite paradigm. In a series of nine new collages upending these platitudes, Valentin Carron locates within his own psychology the entry points for the subconscious material of identity and freezes them, allowing for unexpected and arbitrary recombination that short-circuits accepted modes of explication. Sing Loud And Walk Fast will be on view through July 12 at 303 Gallery 555 W 21 Street New York. photographs courtesy of the gallery