Raven Halfmoon: The New Native @ Nino Mier Gallery In Los Angeles

Halfmoon creates powerful, often large-scale ceramic sculptures that speak to the artist’s identity as both a citizen of the Caddo Nation and as a woman. The Caddo people are renowned for ancient ceramics, with this in mind, Halfmoon utilizes the medium as a way to represent Caddo people in today’s society. Continuing a legacy of craft and clay, Halfmoon also secures her place within that tradition and cultural history. By excavating her past, as well as the history of her tribe, Halfmoon addresses the ever-relevant, but often forgotten, story of “the other,” but also the provocative questions of cultural appropriation that haunt contemporary society. Raven Halfmoon is on view through October 26 at Nino Mier Gallery 7313 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles. photographs courtesy of the gallery