Romantic Love by Greta Bellamacina

There is no disagreement in this seduction,

30 weeks in post-porn scarlet resting breath

drying over agreeing chased minutes, lake driven eyes which water over

protected studying mementos of unthinkable girls, damaging the yellow and

making other stories which drip off sleeping cherry fingers. Buried blonde

strokes in between inner thighs and stunning pubes. No uterus just a diary of

sand laid over the sheets, over and over the same type of pale sand, old stone

sand extending the sea and the last of the English coast. Replicating

everything from the sky and the length of permitted rain cutting off your toes.

(Inspired by - Lucian Freud’s – Naked Portrait 2002)

Click here to watch the video of Greta Bellamacina reading Romantic Love in a short film