Friday the 13th by Jessie Askinazi


photography: Jessie Askinazi

model: Kate Adams

location: Beverly Hills / Venice Beach


Day Photos:

Cream lace dress: vintage, stylist's own

Rainbow striped blouse: vintage blouse from Squaresville, Los Angeles

Black jumpsuit: Viviana Uchitel

Red outfit: vintage, stylist's own


Navy blue knit dress: KRELwear

White sheet dress: Shaina Mote

Silk Robe: Victoria's Secret

Burnt Orange tunic: vintage from Weltenbuerger

Scrubs Dress in Butterscotch:  W// by Weltenbuerger


Third Stone From the Sun by Austin Ellis

Issey Miyake Dress/YSL wedges

This editorial comes to us all the way from Hollywood, California and photographer Austin Ellis.

Mila Schon leather fringe ensemble/Lanvin bangle

Monies necklace

Chloe jumpsuit/Manolo Blahnik heels

1980's zipper dress/YSL wedges

Vollbrach robe/Lanvin necklace/Pucci sunglasses


Austin Ellis


Peggy Schnitzer


Barbara Yniguez


Veronica Nun



Alex Long @ Nous Model Management


Megan Hubbell


Jessica Janos

Clothing provided by The Way We Wore

Enchantments like Spices Embalming the Air by Adarsha Benjamin

Enchantments Like Spices Embalming the Air is an editorial photographed by Adarsha Benjamin featuring We Are Handsome's 2013 Enchanted Collection. Starring Breanna Box and Nana Agyapong. Make up by Bethany McCarty.  

Breanna (right) wears the Guardian Corset Bikini 

Zakary le Stéle S/S 13 Lookbook

When approaching the creation of the Zakary le Stéle Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook, photographer Tsasha Olivier looked to his chosen themes such as claustrophobia and mental disintegration to create a world locked inside a rural Portuguese villa. The photos swallow the viewer into a compound-like setting where the model, Lien Vieira, is unravelling, revealing her inner turmoil, an effect heightened by the hypnotic abstract prints of the collection. The theme is harshly juxtaposed with the designer's floaty, windswept vision. Soft, fluid, diaphanous silks billow in the breeze peacefully and freely, with wild tilapia fish leather accents and structured camel wool cut sharply to the body in a modern sweep. View rest of the photos after the jump.

Photography by Tsasha Olivier / Model: Lien Vieira / Stylist: Abri Ferebani / Hair & Makeup by Pat McLou

A New Fashion Shoot by Javier Ferrer Vidal

This new fashion shoot comes to us from photographer Javier Ferrer Vidal featuring jewelry by Spanish based Ma Jewellery from the collection entitled On The Road Leopard. Designer of Ma Jewellery, Marina Figueiredo says, "The leopard owns something unique and paradoxical: its speckled coat. It’s something rare, but it gives a very good camouflagte when this big cat has to go unnoticed. Its life is quite more nocturnal, above all when the hour of hunting is coming: darkness, silence and agility define this moment." See more photos after the jump.

Photography by Javier Ferrer Vidal / Models: Diego de Ramón and Pauline Deleplancque / Photo assistant: Marta Benedito / Jewelry by Ma Jewellry

Wildfox White Label Fall 2012 Collection

Wildfox presents a new collection of intimates as part of their White Label for Fall 2012 – "This collection is for girls who only have whiskey in the freezer, milk and leftover cheesecake in the fridge, dream constantly, and love to gaze at the canals from their window in Venice. They bike everywhere, kiss strangers and waltz through the house to Frank Sinatra on vinyl." 

Pedro Lourenço Resort 2012

Pedro Lourenço has been drawing attention in Paris for masterful workmanship that belies his age—the Brazilian wunderkind is barely 21. Resort finds him in typically meticulous form but upping the real-world appeal even more than he did in his breakthrough Fall show. Inspired by his roots, he recruited the Brazilian artist Lelli de Orleans e Bragança to create the exclusive—and very on-trend—tropical bird paintings that he converted into prints for his deceptively simple shifts. Deceptively simple, in part, because the parrots' tails are cut out and glued to wrap around the back side of the silk dresses (yes, they're still hand-washable).

That's just the beginning of the special touches in this collection. The outer, rubberized layer of zip-front shifts are magnetized so they can be worn flipped open to reveal the matching prints on the lining of that outer layer and on the inner dress. If that sounds tricky, the results are pretty sublime. And they'll cost you. Which is why Lourenço has been adding more affordable separates like doubled silk jersey tanks and tees and miniskirts and cigarette pants with leather waistbands. This was another bold showing from an impressive young talent. Text by STYLE.COM

[Melbourne] Young Hunting Jewelry

young hunting,la luna,candice agius,hana davies,chris gillies,phoebe higgins
young hunting,la luna,candice agius,hana davies,chris gillies,phoebe higgins

Young Hunting is a unisex jewelry label by Melbourne designer Candice Agius. Each collection is "a philosophical exploration that questions and transcends realms influenced by a thematic thought." Each jewellery piece is limited and formed in Australia from high quality materials. Young Hunting is "for the rare, the intellectual and the unsharing." The new lookbook for the La Luna collection is a unique interactive look at some new pieces.

young hunting,la luna,candice agius,hana davies,chris gillies,phoebe higgins-1
young hunting,la luna,candice agius,hana davies,chris gillies,phoebe higgins-2
young hunting,la luna,candice agius,hana davies,chris gillies,phoebe higgins-3
young hunting,la luna,candice agius,hana davies,chris gillies,phoebe higgins-4

[UTTERLY TRANSPARENT] Manuela Dack Autumn/Winter 2011


Manuela Dack has released a her new Autumn/Winter collection - which was designed to be layered and seasonally transitional.  Moreover, the "layering of sheer fabrics and embellishment over leather, wool and raw silk stay true to the designers aesthetic of subtle modern chic, while showcasing the attention to detail."


Always focusing on luxury and quality Manuela Dack juxtaposes feminine fabrics such as chiffon with harder masculine materials that include leather and metal, creating beautifully constructed and experimental pieces. While at the same time pursuing and developing new technology and materials such as scented print (as featured in W magazine), which is due to feature in an exclusive line of hand printed basics unveiling later this spring.

Her graduate collection from Middlesex University looked at ritualistic scarring and marking of the skin, referencing the designers fascination with different cultures interpretations of beauty. A collection from which signature details and pieces arose.


The Lake and Stars S/S 2011

Named after a Victorian euphemism for a woman’s skill in the bedroom, The Lake and Stars intimates balance provocation and humor, intelligence and sensuality, for a new vision of feminine style.

Streamlined lingerie and swimwear find a place among more traditional lingerie essentials, for creative pairings that revive the classic and redefine the seductive. Designed to stand alone or in complement to other clothes, the pieces themselves embody a broader view of lingerie as fashion expression, rather than costume. Their clean lines and assertive detailing describe unique stylistic characters all their own, making them as personal as they are diverse, and as accessible as they are luxurious. They are intimates meant to be seen—reflecting, as a fashion statement, on the open and sophisticated tastes of their wearer.


For Spring 2011, designers Nikki Dekker and Maayan Zilberman took last season’s idea of “fetish” and explored it as a means of “ritual”. Inspired by the ‘80s New Age approach to spirituality and well-being, and today’s resurgence of communal living and cult practices, the team created their own “family” environment to stage various rituals. Playing with the notion that lingerie can be a key player in the ritual of romance, the new slideshow album, photographed by Tom Hines, offers tongue-in cheek advice on how to stay grounded and how not to take it all too seriously.


Snake bracelet in gold and polychrome enamel, diamond eyes, ca. 1965

Slightly more demure and underrated, glimmering in the shadows of Cartier, the house of Bulgari – the 127 year old jewelry company – is taking new approaches and readapting vintage styles that have made them adored by so many of the glitterati: from hollywood to the royal palaces of Europe. By far their most elegant pieces are from the famous Serpenti collection.


Snake watch-bracelet in gold and polychrome enamel, sapphire eyes, ca. 1965

Snake watch-bracelet in gold and polychrome enamel, sapphire eyes, ca. 1965

Snake belt in gold and white enamel, sapphire eyes, ca. 1970

Vist the Bulgari to see an small online retrospective of Bulgari jewellry - there will also be an exhibit at this summer's Art Basel in Switzerland.