FLUXUS and the Essential Questions of Life

Ben Vautier, Let's Fuck

It could be said that John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "bed-in" for peace movement was the ultimate expression of Fluxus performance art. Yoko One is of course one of the most famous of the Fluxus artists.  John Lennon actually met Yoko at a Fluxus performance and fell in love that very night. The Fluxists are sort of like modern Dadaists.  Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life, a major traveling exhibition based on the Hood Museum of Art’s George Maciunas Memorial Collection of Fluxus art, is "designed for visitors to experience the radical and influential cultural development that was Fluxus, and maybe learn something about themselves along the way." Fluxus was an international network of artists, composers, and designers that emerged as an art (or ―anti-art‖) phenomenon in the early 1960s and was noted for blurring the boundaries between art and life. The Hood’s exhibition runs from April 16 through August 7, 2011.  www.hoodmuseum.dartmouth.edu