Here It Is: Your Must See Art Guide During Zona Maco México Arte Contemporaneo 2016

This week, Mexico City will be awash with patrons of the art, artists, galleryists, gawkers, wannabes and creative adventure seekers. Opening on Wednesday, February 3rd, Zona Maco México Arte Contemporaneo will be ground zero for one of the world’s most important art fairs and by far the biggest in South America. Founded by Zélika García 2002, Zona Maco as built a bridge between Mexico’s capital and the world’s leading artistic institutions. Surrounding the fair, though, will be a number of exhibitions, events and satellite fairs, including the Material Art Fair and the Imprint Book Fair at Museo Jumex. You can also catch highlight exhibitions by the likes of Yoko Ono, Adam Green, and Los Angeles based artist on the rise Ariana Papademetropoulos. Here is your #mustsee art guide during Zona Maco 2016. Click here to read the full list. 

Yoko Ono "Golden Ladders" @ Faurschou Foundation in Beijing

Faurschou Foundation presents the first solo exhibition with the world-renowned artist Yoko Ono in Beijing. The exhibition will offer the public an opportunity to participate in her interactive art and take part in her honest and utopian, yet forceful, universe and life philosophy. The exhibition shows a variety of works from Yoko Ono's extensive artistic career, and includes important pieces from her early Fluxus and Conceptual work. Ideas, rather than materials, make up the core of Yoko Ono’s art. Based on verbal or written instructions for actions that are utopian, ephemeral and performable, Yoko Ono presents viewers with art which becomes a shared mental or physical experience. Yoko Ono: Golden Ladders will be on view until July 3, 2016 at the Faurschou Foundation in Beijing

Hear The First Track Off John Malkovich's Insane Plato-Inspired New Album In Collaboration With Yoko Ono and Others

John Malkovich is releasing a concept album entitled Like A Puppet Show in collaboration with producer Sandro Miller, famous for the series of photographs featuring Malkovich in recreations of the some of the most iconic photographs. The album features Malkovich reading Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave over a score composed by Eric Alexandrakis. Click here to listen to the first track. 

Go See Yoko Ono's Beautiful Exhibition @ the MoMA In New York

photograph by Evan Agostini

The Museum of Modern Art presents its first exhibition dedicated exclusively to the work of Yoko Ono, taking as its point of departure the artist’s unofficial MoMA debut in late 1971. At that time, Ono advertised her “one woman show,” titled Museum of Modern [F]art. However, when visitors arrived at the Museum there was little evidence of her work. According to a sign outside the entrance, Ono had released flies on the Museum grounds, and the public was invited to track them as they dispersed across the city. Now, over 40 years later, Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971 surveys the decisive decade that led up to Ono’s unauthorized exhibition at MoMA, bringing together approximately 125 of her early objects, works on paper, installations, performances, audio recordings, and films, alongside rarely seen archival materials. Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971 will be on view until September 7, 2015 at MoMA in New York. 

The Thing and the Thing-In-Itself @ Andrea Rosen Gallery

Andrea Rosen Gallery presents The Thing and the Thing-in-Itself, an exhibition comprising a tightly focused group of 20th-century masterworks curated by noted art historian Robert Hobbs.  Bringing together a compelling group of significant works, one by each of seven key 20th-century artists – Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Kosuth, René Magritte, Piero Manzoni, Yoko Ono, Ad Reinhardt, and Robert Smithson – this exhibition offers viewers the opportunity to look at familiar artists in a new way and with much greater depth. The Thing and the Thing-in-Itself will be on view until January 24, 2014 at Andrea Rosen Gallery, 525 West 24th Street. photographs by Jena Cumbo for Autre. 

Anahita Razmi ‘RE / CUT Performance @ Carbon 12


Anahita Razmi’s performance RE / CUT PIECE is the appropriation of Yoko Ono’s seminal 1964 performance Cut Piece. In Yoko Ono’s performance, the artist sat on stage with a pair of scissors next to her. The audience was then invited to enter the stage and to cut a piece of the artist’s clothing. In various art reviews it is described as a “feminist” piece; a participatory performance, co-created by what the audience brings to it. Anahita Razmi takes this concept out of its original context and refocuses it: the rather insignificant performance dress that was worn by Yoko Ono in the sixties, is exchanged for a luxurye black Gucci Dress. The focus on the value of the dress invades the performance with new associations and meanings. Yoko Ono’s piece, which was originally shown in Japan and New York, is now re-performed in Dubai. This new location brings with it its own associations of luxury, megalomania and nouveau-riche. Yet such icons seem to be ambivalent and in a state of constant transformation. As in the original performance, the viewer was invited to enter the stage to cut off a piece of the artist’s robe. The performance RE / CUT PIECE took place at Carbon 12 during the opening of Anahita Razmi’s solo exhibition Automatic Assembly Actions on January 14th and will be on view until March 14, 2013. And stay tuned to Pas Un Autre for an exclusive interview with the artist.

Yoko Ono Presents Peace Grant to Pussy Riot

Artist Yoko Ono presents the Lennon Ono Grant for Peace to Pyotr Verzilov and 4-year old Gera, husband and daughter of Nadia Tolokonnikova, one of the three imprisoned Pussy Riot members in New York. Pussy Riot is one the recipients of the 2012 Lennon Ono Grant For Peace, that also includes Lady Gaga and the late Christopher Hitchens. The awards will be given in Reykjavik, Iceland on Oct 9th 2012 - the birthday of John Lennon.



To The Light, a major exhibition of celebrated artist Yoko Ono, on view later this month in London, reflects upon the enormous impact that she has made on contemporary art, exploring her influential role across a wide range of media. This exhibition, her first in a London public institution for more than a decade, includes new and existing installations, films and performances, as well as archive material relating to several key early works. Ono's continuing interest in the relationship between the roles of artist and viewer is evident throughout the exhibition. A number of works in To The Light position both artist and viewer as agents of change. For example, a series of instruction pieces written especially for the Serpentine Gallery can be completed physically or mentally by the viewer, while the large-scale installation AMAZE transforms the viewer from the observer to the observed. To The Lightwill be on view from June 19 to September 9 at the Serpentine Gallery in London, Kensington Gardens, London

Walking Piece

Walking Piece, 1966 / Image courtesy: Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo / © Yayoi Kusama, Yayoi Kusama Studio inc.

Yayoi Kusama in one of her performance art pieces entitled Walking Piece. Stay tuned for an interview and more photos of Yayoi Kusama in the upcoming issue of AUTRE - out this week. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to find a copy!

God Bless Yoko Ono

In 1974 John & Yoko briefly separated, John moving to L.A., Yoko staying in New York. During this period, John released two LPs, 'Walls & Bridges' and 'Rock and Roll'. Though it appeared at the time that Yoko was not doing anything, in reality she was touring her native Japan and recording this album, entitled Story. Pictured on the cover is an adorable photograph of a young Yoko. The album was shelved after her reconciliation with Lennon.

Art Meets Rock

RICHARD KERN, Nirvana, Courtney Love
left: WILLIAM ENGLISH, Vivienne Westwood in Sex, 1975, courtesy of Maggs Brothers, London right: URS LÜTHI, Un'isola dell'aria, 1975, particolare, 28 fotografie, cm60x50 cad, Collezione Fabio e Virginia Gori
IAIN FORSYTH & JANE POLLARD, A Rock'N'Roll Suicide, 1998, Live performance, Photo: David Cowlard courtesy Kate MacGarry, London

Museo Pecci di Prato in Florence, Italy presents an exhibition entiled LIVE! Art Meets Rock. The exhibition, curated by Luca Beatrice and Marco Bazzini, adopts a suggestive perspective to show how the history of contemporary art and of rock music have followed parallel paths to contribute to the construction of the cultural universe of the last forty years. Music and the visual arts have crossed and overlapped, over time, engendering a unified and consistent landscape; what draws them together is the performative dimension, articulated according to the specific occasion within an exhibition or a concert. LIVE!offers a parallel and original reading of historic events by exhibiting paintings, sculptures, installations, video clips, artworks, LPs, graphic works, photographs, magazines and films. Artists include Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, William English, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cindy Sherman, David LaChapelle and more. The exhibition will be accompanied by Live!, a book published by Rizzoli with contributions by Luca Beatrice and Marco Bazzini. LIVE! Art Meets Rock view at the Museo Pecci di Prato until September 16.  


Photo: Annie Leibovitz

Congratulations to Yoko Ono who is the winner of the 8th Hiroshima Art Prize for her efforts in spreading world peace.  An awards ceremony is scheduled together with an exhibition commemorating the presentation of the award to Yoko Ono at the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art. "It is greatly anticipated that this commemorative exhibition will help communicate, from Hiroshima to the world, the messages of Yoko Ono that are rich with the inspiration of the abolition of nuclear weapons and the creation of a world without war, and it is thought that the exhibition will have a great effect on garnering attention to this Hiroshima Art Prize across the globe." The 8th Hiroshima Art Prize: THE ROAD OF HOPE - YOKO ONO 2011,  Saturday July 30th to Sunday October 16.

Overpainting in Twentieth Century Press Photography

Before the invention of photoshop in 1991, it was commonplace for press agencies and the photographic departments of newspapers and magazines to enhance, crop and embellish their press photographs prior to publication. An upcoming exhibition, entitled Overworked: Overpainting in Twentieth Century Press Photography,  at Flash Projects UK explores the ways in which photographs were worked-over in paint, gouache, watercolour and pencil prior to their publication, challenging the veracity of the image.