Corinne Wasmuht's "Alnitak" Explores Digital-Image Aesthetics @ Petzel Gallery In New York

Petzel Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Berlin based artist Corinne Wasmuht. This will be her fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. One cannot address Wasmuht’s work without considering the seemingly full palette of digital-image aesthetics in her paintings: simulations of space, distortions, and displacements—even right down to the effect of a backlit computer screen. Generating the ideas for her pictures in the form of digital collages and computer sketches, Wasmuht’s initial source material derives from an array of abstracted and overlapping photographic imagery that she sources from a combination of the Internet and her own personal photographic archive. This material is then worked up into extremely complex, often very large-scale, panorama-like pictures depicting futuristic science-fictional landscapes of airport terminals, shopping centers, people in pedestrian zones, or, as Wasmuht refers to them more broadly, “structures,” which belong to our collective, global, everyday life. Corinne Wasmuht "Alnitak" will be on view until December 19th, 2015 at Petzel Gallery, 456 W 18th Street, New York. Photographs by Adam Lehrer.