Devendra Banhart and Adam Tullie Team Up for a Collaborative Book of Drawings entitled "Unburdened by Meaning"

"Unburdened By Meaning" is a split effort between Adam Tullie and Devendra Banhart which documents selections of work created over one week, while the artists worked in parallel in Devendra's New York drawing studio. Tullie and Banhart, who are now based in Los Angeles, have known each other for over 13 years, so it only makes sense that they would collaborate together in this capacity. As the title suggests, the collection of drawings found in this book aren't held to any one concept or idea - it is simply a freewheeling, minimalistic exploration of the two artist's unique, but synergistic styles. The book also includes two essays - one by New York based artist and writer Ross Simonini, and the other by San Francisco based writer and artist Chris Fallon. The book is available now from Canadian based publishing house Anteism in a limited edition of 200 - it is also signed and numbered by the artists.