Tour: Pierpaolo Barzan and Valeria Sorci's Private Collection

Italian transplants Pierpaolo Barzan and Valeria Sorci occupy the storied Baxter-Hodiak house, which was built by the oft-misunderstood architect John Lautner for the actress Anne Baxter - the granddaughter of Frank Lloyd Wright. The house exists in the romantic hills behind Sunset Boulevard on a quiet cul de sac between paradise and art utopia. Patrons of the art world as a whole and founders of the Depart Foundation, a non-profit artists institution that supports emerging artists,  Barzan and Sorci opened their home for one night only, for a private tour of their personal collection. Juxtaposed against the mixed modern Tudor-style home with its bricks and sinuous indoor-outdoor couch, the collection is near perfectly curated and provides an intimate arena to enjoy art by everyone from Douglas Gordon to Pryce Lee with his bullet riddled mirror tucked coyly in a guest bathroom. text and photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper