Not Fleshy Enough Performance at Faith Holland's Solo Exhibition @ Transfer in Brooklyn

Faith Holland is young, and shaking things up. Her exhibition at Transfer in Bushwick, ‘Technophillia,’ presents a strong palette that suggests an examination of the modern links between tech and sex. The centerpiece of the exhibition, entitled ‘Visual Orgasms,’ features a series of looped images emblematic of the co modifying of sex. Her ‘Ookie Canvas’ canvas abstractions are composed of ejaculations selected from porn and lenders’ own photographs. Holland’s work resonates easily as it focuses on two of literally everyone’s primary obsessions: technology and sex. Along with Giovanna Olmos, Holland hosted “four performances on the digitally mediated body’ last Friday night. Alexandra Marzella, who was featured in Autre last week, performed an interpretative dance that was both mentally stimulating and sexually provocative. Not only is her work interesting, she is also a good dancer overall, and the performance worked on two levels. Shireen Ahmed presented a play in which she handed a script to two audience members (both guys, as it turned out) in which the lines read as text conversations between a series of pairs of people. The texts were sexual in nature, emblematic of the over-sharing commonly found in private text messages. Monica Mirabelle choreographed a group dance with one man and several women wearing close to nothing and gyrating in unison. The uniformity reminded me of Vanessa Beecroft on a smaller scale. But unlike Beecroft the movement was more of the focus, rather than the bodies. Finally, curator Olmos gave her performance of unique performance art. Olmos gets held upside down and blows bubbles into a glass of milk, and some chewed skittles held a prominent position in the performance. It is nice to see that New York’s art world is not as dead as some people think it to be, and that there is such strong camaraderie and shared ideals amongst a group of very young artists. photographs and text by Adam Lehrer. Follow Autre on Instagram: @AUTREMAGAZINE