Torbjørn Rødland "Venetian Otaku" At The Team Gallery Bungalow in Los Angeles

When you head to a newsstand and pick up a copy of Art Forum, you'll find one of Torbjørn Rødland's incredibly haunting images: a naked blonde haired, blue eyed baby staring at you, almost posing for the camera with a frightening, bewildering cognizance. This is what Rødland's images do to you - they make you slip into an awkward feeling of warm wonder. Right now, you can catch a solo show of work by Los Angeles-based, Norwegian photographer Rødland, entitled Venetian Otaku, at Team Gallery's quaint and cozy bungalow in Venice Beach, California. "For this exhibition, Rødland presents six photographs from his oeuvre. His immaculately staged images contain an eerie blend of the sensual and cerebral, of harsh precision and bizarre idiosyncrasy, giving them a mesmerizing unheimlich quality. His unorthodox treatment of frequently recognizable and firmly quotidian subjects – human bodies, food items, household objects – confound familiar cultural material." Torbjørn Rødland "Venetian Otaku" will be on view until November 8, 2015 at the Team Gallery Bungalow, 306 Windward Avenue, Venice, California. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper