Nobuyoshi Araki "Love On The Left Eye" @ Little Big Man Gallery In Los Angeles

Little Big Man Gallery presents “Love on the Left Eye,” a solo exhibition of works by Nobuyoshi Araki. The prints included in this exhibit have been selected from the photographer’s most recent work. The title of this exhibition refers to Ed van der Elsken’s 1956 photobook “Love on the Left Bank.” When Araki was around twenty years old, he saw “Love on the Left Bank,” and took some photographs of women in poses inspired by this book; “Love on the Left Eye” could also be seen as an homage to van der Elsken. After a recent stroke that left him mostly blind in his right eye, he has decided to black out the right side of his photographs so that the viewer can see what he sees. Love On The Left Eye will be on view until February 16, 2015 at Little Big Man Gallery, 1427 East 4th Street in Los Angeles