Check Out Daniel Boccato's First Solo Show In New York And Read Our Interview Of The Up And Coming Artist

A mocking stoicism pervades “creepers” at The Journal Gallery, Daniel Boccato's first solo exhibition in New York. The shapeshifting works hang on the walls at eye level, facing us head-on, posited to torment, taunt, or seduce. Indifferent, they choose to keep mum. Fiberglass and epoxy, adaptable industrial materials, dry to a sturdy finish that confers a density to the works and belies their hollow interior. Still, there is an illusive fragility, a remnant of the delicate cardboard and tape molds that once contained them. Tarp laid down during the casting process imprints wrinkles and folds on the surface, lending a deceptively plush appearance to the hard, unyielding shell. And if the glossy wall-mounted works recall the lineage of painting-cum-sculpture, there is no painterly trace: resin adheres to paint that has been applied to the mold, coating the work in color in one immediate, irreversible swoop. Creepers will be on view until December 18, 2016 at The Journal Gallery in New York. Click here to read our interview of the artist.