Watch "Spend Time, Pay Attention" A New Film By Julian Feeld Born Out Of Rage, Frustration and Powerlessness

Spend Time, Pay Attention is a new film by artist and filmmaker Julian Feeld, shot on 16mm film. Feeld describes the film with cynical nihilism, "Shot a few years ago, this video only really went through the puberty of writing and editing when the monstrous face of The Abuser rose, reddening above the oozing body of our planet. Rage, frustration, sadness, powerlessness — all the feelings in the last month went into this exploration of BEING A MAN and PAYING IN COLD HARD POWER at the cash register of life. I hope people misinterpret this video as much as I do. I hope people turn it off and look at themselves and ask themselves what they've become, like I do. I hope someone co-opts it and makes it into a line of t-shirts and sells it back to me, the oppressor. Remember, your eyeballs actually belong to me while you watch it. And you know what they say about eyeballs: they're the gelatinous, fragile windows to the soul."