VIP Opening of La Rosa Social Club, A Four Night Art Installation Experience and Group Show by Aaron Rose

Over four days, during the 2016 LA Art Book Fair, La Rosa Social Club will open its doors and then close them forever. If you were there, then you were there. LA-based artist Aaron Rose offers us a chance to experience his version of an art bar with La Rosa, a conceptual installation that will run in conjunction with this year’s LA Art Book Fair. The collaborative project by The Conversation (Los Angeles/Berlin) and Alldayeveryday will take place in the Allday LA Project Space and will run from its opening preview on February 11th to February 14th. The concept will combine the traditional idea of a consumer space and inject it with an immersive, artistic experience. Artists that are designing ephemera for the bar are: Ed Templeton, Stefan Strumbel, Aaron Rose, Chris Johanson, Wes Lang, Barbara Stauffacher-Solomon, Gusmano Cesaretti, Chris Lux, Brian Roettinger, Terry Richardson, Alia Penner, Geoff McFetridge, Alexis Ross, Jesse Spears, Wyatt Troll, Lola Rose Thompson, Benjamin Barretto, Cheryl Dunn, Barry McGee, Raymond Pettibon, Olivier Zahm, Nate Walton. You can checkout La Rosa Social Club until February 14 at the Alldayeveryday project space, AlldayLA Project Space, 2028 E. 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021