Marianne Vitale's First Solo Show On the West Coast @ Venus Over Los Angeles

Venus Over Los Angeles presents an exhibition of new sculptures by Marianne Vitale, marking the artist’s first solo show on the West Coast. Vitale’s sculptures incorporate infrastructure staples (such as steel rail supports for an entire transport system and wooden beams for the base of a building’s framework) and interact with the gallery. The first space holds Thought Field (2016), composed of 90 unaltered factory-length sections of used steel railroad track, circa the 1920’s, with a combined weight of over 60 tons. In the second gallery space, for her new series Beam Work, the artist displays six towering stacks of eleven-foot long white pine squared timbers that have been hand-painted, bashed and pummeled to loosely recall urban traffic barricades. The exhibition will be on view until February 27, 2016 at Venus Over Los Angeles, 601 South Anderson Street.