Go See Christopher Richmond's "Double Fantasy" @ Moskowitz Bayse in Los Angeles

Moskowitz Bayse presents Double Fantasy, the first major solo exhibition in the United States of works by Los Angeles-based artist Christopher Richmond. Double Fantasy features two new ambitious 16mm film and video works by the artist, and marks the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Baffling and beautiful, Christopher Richmond makes films, videos, and photographs that challenge traditional story-telling conventions. Fixed meaning is subsumed in an animating tide of sound and light. By disrupting chronology, plot, and standard character development, Richmond invites the viewer to actively participate in the creation of meaning—to abandon the role of passive onlooker and become an active collaborator. Thematically, Richmond’s work explores the human condition, and his unconventional approach to narrative affords a range of alternate impressions. Christopher Richmond's "Double Fantasy" will be on view until April 23, 2016 at Moskowitz Bayse in Los Angeles.