Watch The World Premiere of Sui Zhen's Cindy Sherman Inspired Music Video for the Track Take It All Back

Take It All Back is a track off the upcoming album Secretly Susan. As waves lap on the shore in the opening moments of Secretly Susan, you know you're in for a journey. Sui Zhen, aka Susan, aka Melbourne-based Dream Beat artist Becky Sui Zhen, is at the helm. Drifting by tiki beach parties and nostalgic Sound Systems, Becky's ethereally radiant jams lead you on a path to positive enlightenment. Inspired by Japanese Lovers Rock, 80s Electro-Bossanova and Dubby-Lounge Pop which she discovered on holidays in Japan and London as a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy, Secretly Susan is truly a World album wrapped neatly in a an accessible cloak and tied with a bow. The album lands in North America for the very first time June 17th via Twosyllable Records (on exclusive license from Dot Dash/Remote Control) in decadent bubblegum pink vinyl. Click here to preorder.