Watch "Spend Time, Pay Attention" A New Film By Julian Feeld Born Out Of Rage, Frustration and Powerlessness

Spend Time, Pay Attention is a new film by artist and filmmaker Julian Feeld, shot on 16mm film. Feeld describes the film with cynical nihilism, "Shot a few years ago, this video only really went through the puberty of writing and editing when the monstrous face of The Abuser rose, reddening above the oozing body of our planet. Rage, frustration, sadness, powerlessness — all the feelings in the last month went into this exploration of BEING A MAN and PAYING IN COLD HARD POWER at the cash register of life. I hope people misinterpret this video as much as I do. I hope people turn it off and look at themselves and ask themselves what they've become, like I do. I hope someone co-opts it and makes it into a line of t-shirts and sells it back to me, the oppressor. Remember, your eyeballs actually belong to me while you watch it. And you know what they say about eyeballs: they're the gelatinous, fragile windows to the soul."

Watch "The Uncanny Valley" By Philippa Price for Stella McCartney's New Collection

Visual director Philippa Price has brought her vision of futuristic surrealism to music videos, music performances and installations globally. In the debut of the series, Philippa heads to the Clown Motel in the Nevada desert to inspire a wacky and wonderful slant on Stella McCartney's women’s and men’s collections.

Watch The Exclusive Premiere Of "Nonna: Paris" The First Chapter In A Film Collaboration Between Giu Giu And Hamadou Frédéric Baldé

Giuliana Leila Raggiani and Hamadou Frédéric Baldé, met in LA in March 2016, and immediately began a collaboration. This merge of their two creative worlds, manifested in the form of a film series, called “NONNA” (the name of giu giu’s reproduction of her grandmother’s original turtleneck). Hamadou’s perspective possesses an inspirational contrast; a balance of being unfiltered and honest, yet sensitive and dream-like at the same time, meshing effortlessly with giu giu. With little planning, they serendipitously traveled to the same places -- Paris, Morocco, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo -- and shot in each location. And after much evolution, the film has now become an expression of movement between a multitude of ages, races, and genders. In each city Hamadou and Giuliana traveled to, they encountered beautiful, real people. Each with their own story, and special "essence," in the way they view life. Each belonging to the limitless world Hamadou and Giuliana envision, where each human is interconnected and perceived equally. The Nonna turtleneck became the common thread woven through each chapter of the film. The turtleneck was used to show the body, through natural forms of movement (krump, ballet, contemporary/modern, running, walking, dunking, yoga, and even subtle movements, such as the movement of water, a blink of an eye, or lifting a finger). The turtleneck is timeless, recycling itself in this generation. Each city represents a different color from the original Nonna collection. What they anticipated to be a short fashion video, grew to be something deeper and unexpectedly more profound, and their collaboration took on a life of its own. The duo has been presenting the full 20-minute piece at exclusive screenings in the various cities featured in the film. Otherwise, it is launching online as a series, each chapter releasing individually, with the première of the first city, PARIS. Ultimately, the main intention of Hamadou & giu giu is to use “Nonna” as a catalyst in promoting a universal concept of love, during a time when it is needed most in the world.

Watch The Premiere Of "Working Girls" For Los Angeles-Based Gender Fluid Fashion Label NoSesso's Spring Summer 2017 Collection

NoSESSO named after the Italian wording for "no gender", is an LA based fashion brand that aims to blur the lines of traditional male/ female dress through fluid styles. The brand allows beauty to be the chief force behind each creation instead of gender. That paired with the elaborate hand done details makes each piece feel more art than garment. Tonight, NoSESSO will premiere their Spring Summer 2017 collection, entitled Working Girl, along with a soft sculpture installation and an accompanying video about the new line, at Wayside LA (857 S San Pedro Street Unit 310, Los Angeles). Wayside LA will also be hosting a pop up on Saturday where you can purchase NoSESSO items - follow them on Instagram for times. 

Watch The Music Video For Lower Dens' Track "Real Thing" Directed by Cody Critcheloe

Today, Lower Dens’ released “Real Thing” their first new effort since 2015’s Escape From Evil. The track was written by Jana Hunter, Arthur Bates and frequent Lower Dens collaborator Ariel Rechtshaid the latter having also added additional production. “Real Thing” was directed by SSION’s Cody Critcheloe. Click here to find current tour dates. 

Watch The Exclusive Premiere Of The Music Video For Jack Killen's Single "Symphony Of Skin"

Jack Killen, former front man of Brooklyn’s party rock band Workout, releases the first single, 'Symphony of Skin', from his solo project out on Axis Mundi Records today. Produced by Graham Dickson of Crystal Fighters, ‘Symphony of Skin’ explores the gritty underbelly of New York City. The video, directed by Josh Slater, was premiered by Autre Magazine. Of the track, Killen said, “‘I had the idea of the Symphony of Skin kicking around for a while. I loved the erotic pulp novel sound of the phrase. Just think of all the orchestral elements of the original sin. Then for some reason I started thinking about the sweat and violins, blasting through the night. Slug away at the piano, add a fog machine, cue up the string section. I think we came close to painting the pic.” Click here to purchase the single. 

Watch The Premiere Of Neon Indian's Music Video For The Track Annie

Neon Indian releases the official music video for the track Annie, off their current album Vega Intl. Night School. Directed by lead singer, Alan Palomo, the music video is essentially a karaoke video turned fever dream in which Alan has to traverse B-roll cityscapes, taped over TV shows, and phone sex commercial breaks in search of a missing ex-lover. Shot over 8 cities on Neon Indian's last tour of Asia, all libidinal hell breaks loose in this glistening meta ode to laserdisc-era sing-alongs.

Breakfast and Chill: Watch "Croissant Castles" A New Fashion Film From Down Under

Starring Helen Bedz from Folk Collective and directed by Amy Dellar, aka Indoor Fountains, Croissant Castles is a fashion film for breakfast gluttons, featuring clothing by Base Range and new Melbourne fashion by Sister Studios and Nylons jewellery – all styled by Cecile Huynh with makeup by Rob Povey and hair by Xeneb Allen. The short film also features original music by Mitchell Wood from Leisure Suite and production design by Sara Glaoua. 

Alexis Taylor From Hot Chip Releases Music Video For "I'm Ready" Off Upcoming Album

I'm Ready is taken from Alexis Taylor's solo album 'Piano' out on 10th June on Moshi Moshi Records. Download the sheet music here to play the song yourself. The music video is directed by Simon Owens: "Working with Alexis was like working with Vantablack, I couldn't see or talk to him." 

Watch The Music Video for Son Lux's Track "Cage of Bones" Off Upcoming Record

Son Lux, a musical project from composer Ryan Lott, has released the first single from his upcoming album Stranger Forms, entitled Cage Of Bones. The music video for the track, directed by Jean-Paul Frenay, explores a miasma of post apocalyptic visions. Son Lux will be playing at National Sawdust on June 1, 2016. Click here to preorder Stranger Forms. 

Watch The Latest Music Video For Cate Le Bon's Track 'Love Is Not Love' Off Her Current Album

'Love Is Not Love' is the second single taken from Cate Le Bon's album 'Crab Day'. 'Crab Day' out now! The music video is directed by the wonderfully idiosyncratic Turner Prize nominee Phil Collins. Shot in Berlin, the video sees Cate being joined by an elite troupe of dancers to engage in some seriously avant-garde yet clinically synchronized dance routines! Buckle up kiddos, things are about to get weird.

Watch The World Premiere of Sui Zhen's Cindy Sherman Inspired Music Video for the Track Take It All Back

Take It All Back is a track off the upcoming album Secretly Susan. As waves lap on the shore in the opening moments of Secretly Susan, you know you're in for a journey. Sui Zhen, aka Susan, aka Melbourne-based Dream Beat artist Becky Sui Zhen, is at the helm. Drifting by tiki beach parties and nostalgic Sound Systems, Becky's ethereally radiant jams lead you on a path to positive enlightenment. Inspired by Japanese Lovers Rock, 80s Electro-Bossanova and Dubby-Lounge Pop which she discovered on holidays in Japan and London as a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy, Secretly Susan is truly a World album wrapped neatly in a an accessible cloak and tied with a bow. The album lands in North America for the very first time June 17th via Twosyllable Records (on exclusive license from Dot Dash/Remote Control) in decadent bubblegum pink vinyl. Click here to preorder.