Ron Arad's "Curtain Call" With A Live performance By Lail Arad And Visuals by Flo Kohl and Ellis Pendens @ The Roundhouse In London

Singer-songwriter Lail Arad reunites with photographer/filmmaker Flo Kohl and filmmaker and editor Ellis Pendens for a remarkable video and live music event. This collaborative performance piece has been composed for the second series of Ron Arad's groundbreaking Curtain Call, an immersive 360° video experience at the Roundhouse in London. This piece submerges the viewers in a virtual undersea environment, and invites them to dive in to Arad's playfully poetic lyrics and flowing melodies. Shot in six locations in four countries, the video is a celebration of Arad's second album, The Onion, released by The Vinyl Factory in April 2016. Flo Kohl co-directs the video with his longtime collaborator, Ellis Pendens. Drawing visual inspiration from their shared early-childhood fascination with fountain pens and inks, they have crafted an aquatic kaleidoscope of in-camera effects, bringing movement to Kohl's acclaimed stills. As Arad's lyrics flicker across the enormous screen of flexible silicon rods, they dissolve in tides and rapids, are swept away by waterfalls and float through inky seascapes. Ron Arad's "Curtain Call" will be open, on and off as a canvas for other live performances and happenings, until August 29, 2016 at in the mainspace at Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London. photographs by Flo Kohl