"More Than A Muse" Group Show Featuring Larry Clark, Sandy Kim, Ryan Mcginley, and Dash Snow @ 65 Ludlow in New York

“More Than A Muse” aims to explore those relationships between artist and subject that exceed creative companionship and are based on inextricable, emotional ties. These relationships are those of parents, lovers, siblings and friends- those who have a visceral and often complex connection to the artist. The photographs then are more than standard depictions of beauty or intrigue but unfiltered glimpses into the intimate lives of two beings through the eyes of someone emotionally invested. The subjects are shown in their rawest form as they are photographed intuitively by the artist. This show is unique in that both photographer and muse will be recognized as artists. This is to further show the muse as more than simply the vision. They are the vehicles by which it comes to life. The symbiotic relationship is the basis of the work; it would not exist without the other. More Than A Muse will be on view until September 18 at 65 Ludlow in New York. photographs by Adam Lehrer