Jean-Pascal Flavien and Mika Tajima Exhibition @ Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery In Los Angeles

Kayne Griffin Corcoran presents a two person exhibition featuring Jean-Pascal Flavien and Mika Tajima. While making very different work, both artists investigate social relationships to built environments and attempt to expose the constructed nature of these designed systems. The artists postulate in various forms such as architectural interventions or deconstructions of design objects, all in relation to the human subject. This exhibition is centered around spaces of possibility that exceed ideological and functional determination – beyond structures that constrain social behavior and ways of living. This is realized in hypothetical, metaphorical, and physical manifestations by both artists. Public and private structures are tested by each artist in a search for potential and failure. The exhibition will be on view until October 29, 2016 at Kayne Griffin Corcoran in Los Angeles. photographs by Summer Bowie