Watch The Exclusive Premiere Of The Music Video For Jack Killen's Single "Symphony Of Skin"

Jack Killen, former front man of Brooklyn’s party rock band Workout, releases the first single, 'Symphony of Skin', from his solo project out on Axis Mundi Records today. Produced by Graham Dickson of Crystal Fighters, ‘Symphony of Skin’ explores the gritty underbelly of New York City. The video, directed by Josh Slater, was premiered by Autre Magazine. Of the track, Killen said, “‘I had the idea of the Symphony of Skin kicking around for a while. I loved the erotic pulp novel sound of the phrase. Just think of all the orchestral elements of the original sin. Then for some reason I started thinking about the sweat and violins, blasting through the night. Slug away at the piano, add a fog machine, cue up the string section. I think we came close to painting the pic.” Click here to purchase the single.