Thomas Houseago "The Ridge" @ Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills

Gagosian presents “The Ridge,” an exhibition of sculpture and paintings on canvas by Thomas Houseago. This is his first exhibition with the gallery in his hometown of Los Angeles. The title of the exhibition derives from Houseago's childhood memory of a rocky pass in Leeds, England, known locally as "The Ridge," where a manmade stone wall runs along the upper edge of a steep natural stone ridge. With the stone wall of the adjacent estate, this creates a narrow footpath or ginnel, blocking the drop beyond the ridge and the sightlines within the pass. Houseago's recollection of this place is as much about a sense of peril and rite of passage as the actual physical experience. Thomas Houseago "The Ridge" will be on view until February 16, 2017 @ Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. photographs  by Oliver Maxwell Kupper